Week 3 NFL Picks: We Still Don't Know

How crazy is the NFL Season? The Bucs and Chiefs are 2-0 while the Cowboys and Vikings are 0-2. So what does this tell us? We still don’t know much about any of the teams. We think the Texans will be good and the Niners might be bad, but 2 games tell us just about nothing. With that in mind, here are my Week 3 NFL picks; home teams are in BOLD.

Niners (-2.5) over CHIEFS
What happened to Michael Crabtree last week? San Fran’s top receiver was only targeted 3 times and finished the game with one spectacular catch for 32 yards. Winning with Alex Smith at the helm is hard enough, especially when he can’t get the ball to Crabtree. Coach Singletary keeps insisting Crabtree is still in his rookie year after joining the team midseason last year, but Crabtree needs to be more involved. The 49ers need this win, no matter how bad their division is, so I’ll take the desperate road team here.

There's only so much confidence you can have in any of the Browns' quarterbacks.

There's only so much confidence you can have in any of the Browns' quarterbacks.

RAVENS (-10.5) over Browns
For anyone thinking about taking the Browns here, just think about Seneca Wallace heading INTO Baltimore to faced a hyped up defense led by Ray Lewis. That usually doesn’t end up well for a team led by a quarterback the caliber of Mr. Wallace.

Cowboys (+2.5) over TEXANS
Wade Phillips always has a way of losing big games, but winning when his job depends on it. This would qualify as one of those games. Dallas is 0-2 and heading into a bye next week; if a loss today isn’t the perfect storm for Jerry Jones to bring in Bill Cowher, I don’t know what is.

Lions (+10.5) over VIKINGS
The Vikings need this game. The Vikings are at home. The Vikings will win the game. However, the Lions have a habit of logging unreal amounts of garbage time points late in games, even with Shaun Hill at quarterback. 10.5 points is just too many to give away to a division rival, so I’m taking Minnesota for the win, but the Lions to cover with a late score.

PATRIOTS (-13.5) over Bills
Last week we learned that no spread is too big when the Bills are playing. The only thing funnier then watching the Bills play is watching how they handle their runningback conundrum. Fred Jackson is playing the best, but they drafted C.J. Spiller 9th overall last May. Now, they’ve benched Spiller to play former first-rounder Marshawn Lynch, claiming they won’t trade him any time soon. Now Spiller is 3rd string, and management “doesn’t want to” trade Lynch. All I can say is “C’mon now!”

SAINTS (-4.5) over Falcons
Saints at home? Yes Please! Michael Turner is banged up and the Saints D will be psyched for their first divisional game.

Titans (+3.5) over GIANTS
I’m still in shock about why Jeff Fisher yanked Vince Young in a tight game against the Steelers for 38 year old Kerry Collins! Either way, I’d rather have VY then Eli Manning, a player who I still insist is a product of the luckiest play in Super Bowl history and a football family. The Titans are stronger in the trenches, and have a far superior running game. Gimme the Titans, and gimme the points.

Steelers (-2.5) over BUCS
You do realize that these are the Bucs, right? You do realize they are coached by Raheem Morris, right? I don’t care if Pittsburgh is led by pseudo-coach Charlie Batch or Antwaan Randel El, I’m taking the Steelers here.

Bengals (-3.5) over PANTHERS
As much as I’d love to take the Panthers, I just can’t do it. Jimmy Clausen is making his first career start, so expect the Bengals to bring a bull rush just about every other down. The key to the game will be who can win the aerial attack, and I just don’t think Chris Gamble and the Panthers secondary can shut down Chad Ochocinco, T.O., Jordan Shipley, and Jermaine Gresham.

Eagles (-2.5) over JAGUARS
Michael Vick looks like the Michael Vick of old. Well, that probably because he played the Lions and 2 quarters of garbage time against Green Bay. The again, he’s playing the Jags. Yeah, I’ll take Philly.

Redskins (-3.5) over RAMS
When’s the last time the Rams were only favored to lose by 3.5 points? 2006?

Colts (-6.5) over BRONCOS
The Colts have won their last 15 games by an average of 12.6 points. That’s nearly 2 touchdowns. That’s including games against the Jets, Ravens, Patriots, and Houston. Do you think going into Mile High Stadium is going to phase Peyton? Probably not. This is the Bojangles Lock o’ the Week.

CARDINALS (-4.5) over Raiders
Both of these teams are enigmas. The Raiders look alright, but then they bring back Bruce the Plumber. The Cardinals had high hopes going into the year, and now they’re playing Derek Anderson. At least Arizona has Larry Fitzgerald and is playing at home.

Chargers (-5.5) over SEAHAWKS
As the Broncos proved last week, Seattle is not good. The Chargers have a great offense and solid defense, even with Vincent Jackson out and Ryan Mathews at 90%. Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd, and Legedu Naanee are 6’4″, 6’5″, and 6’2″ respectively while Seattle’s secondary of Marcus Trufant, Kelly Jennings, and Earl Thomas are 5’11”, 5’11”, and 5’10” respectively. Those mismatches are just too much to overcome.

DOLPHINS (-1.5) over Jets
What is dumber the getting a DWI in New York? Braylon Edwards was twice the legal limit at .16% BAC, yet decided to drive with several other teammates. In New York City. There are more cabs in New York City then there are people in Idaho. There are more cabs in New York City then there species of birds. There are more cabs in New York city then the combined weight of Rex Ryan, their O-line, and D-Line. On top of that, Jets’ owner Woody Johnson has a service set up for his players who think they aren’t in the best condition to get home. But the funniest part of all is that Rex Ryan says that Braylon is a distraction. REX says that BRAYLON is a distraction.

Packers (-3.5) over BEARS
Home teams usually way out-perform themselves on Monday Night Football, but you can only do so well with a receiver corps of Devin Aromashodu, Johnny Knox, and Devin Hester. The Packers have too many offensive weapons to lose here, and a win to give them a vicegrip on the division.

Last Week: 7-9

Season: 15-17

Bojangles’ Lock o’ the Week: 1-1

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