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I haven’t been writing too many blog posts recently for a couple of reasons. One, I’ve been distracted with whatnot related to college. Two, I can get a little lazy/procrastinate-y. But third and most importantly, I’ve started to write for another blog, Bobcats Baseline.

I’ve been blessed with this opportunity to write for this blog, which I mostly thank Bobcats Baseline’s own ASChin and Dr. E for. Hopefully, I’ll contribute twice or so per month.

I can’t thank these guys enough for this new writing chance. Of course, I’ll still be posting on The Knuckle Blog, but I’ll also put any posts I have for Bobcats Baseline on a newly created page for those posts.

Below are my first two posts for the site. The first is my new post on how the Bobcats can possibly trade Boris Diaw. The second is a post from way back in July about what to expect from Kemba Walker’s rookie season.

Don’t forget to check them out and read from the site in general, too. Also, you can follow ASChin on Twitter @bobcatsbaseline and Dr. E @BaselineDrE.


Trading Boris Diaw

Kemba Walker — Expect Big Things

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