2013 Baseball Preview

Well, folks, it’s finally here. After months of hard work, research, writing, formatting, editing, blood, sweat, and not that many tears (I swear) the 2013 Baseball Preview has arrived.

First the bad news: this year’s issue is not 105 pages. In fact it shrunk for the first time in my seven years of writing this to 38 pages.

But there’s good news: You get another year of my baseball preview with better content than ever. And it’s 100% free. Unless you really want to pay, then just email me bwweinrib@gmail.com and something can be arranged.


2013BaseballPreview.pdf (page 1 of 38)

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2 thoughts on “2013 Baseball Preview

  1. B

    You have obviously never seen Brandon Crawford play defense, if you don’t think he should be in the everyday lineup lol

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