Fantasy College Basketball

Fantasy sports has taken over this country, surpassing baseball as America’s pastime (I’m only partially joking). But as popular as college sports are, fantasy sports haven’t been able to catch on because of NCAA rules and blah, blah, blah. But being a resourceful man, I’ve come up with a solution!

Since you still can’t use player names, fantasy college basketball has to be restricted to team play. The rules are (relatively) simple: find 4-19 other friends and follow the following rules:

  • Split up the schools between all of the players in a snake-style draft. The suggested amount of schools chosen is about 75, although you can go as high as you’d like. I’d just suggest against splitting up teams from all 31 Division I conferences, since it’d take about 3 weeks to complete the draft.

Regular Season Points

  • Wins get you 1 point.
  • Conference wins double your win’s point value.
  • Beating the #1 team in the nation multiplies your win value by 20.
  • Beating a top-5 team multiplies your win value by 10.
  • Beating a top-10 team multiplies your win value by 5.
  • Beating a top-25 team multiplies your win value by 2.

Conference Tournaments

  • Losing in the finals of the Big East, Big Ten, ACC, Big 12, Pac 12, or SEC gets you 10 points.
  • Winning a major conference tournament gets you 20 points.
  • Losing in the finals of a minor conference gets you 5 points.
  • Winning a minor conference tournament gets you 10 points.

March Madness Seeding

  • Making the tournament as a 1-seed gets you 64 points.
  • Making the tournament as a 2-seed gets you 60 points.
  • …and so on…
  • Making the tournament as a 15-seed gets you 8 points.
  • Making the tournament as a 16-seed gets you 4 points.

March Madness Games

  • Winning a Play In Game gets you 2 points.
  • Winning in the Round of 64 gets you 5 points.
  • Winning in the Round of 32 gets gets you 10 points.
  • Winning in the Sweet Sixteen gets you 20 points.
  • Winning in the Elite Eight gets you 40 points.
  • Winning in the Final Four gets you 80 points.
  • Winning the NCAA Championship gets you 160 points.
  • Winning as an underdog gets you [100+10(Difference in seeding)]% the amount of points for that round.
  • Buzzer Beater wins give you 1.5 times the amount of points.

For example, if North Carolina F#40 wins the Play of the Year Award your team would get 80 points.


  • A player on your team winning the Play of the Year Award gets you 80 points.
  • Each one of your players finishing as an All-America gets you 40 points.


  • If your school is in a recruiting scandal, you get 10 points.
  • If your school is in an illegal benefits scandal, you get 15 points.
  • If your school is in a child molestation scandal, you get 20 points.
  • If your coach is fired mid-season, you get 25 points.
  • For each game of suspension, you get 1 point.


  • You can trade teams at any time, although you forfeit all rights to that team (all previous points go to the new owner).
  • If half the league vetoes the trade within two days, the trade is nixed and all points return to the previous owner.

Since this isn’t online, and I don’t plan on making a program any time soon, you’ll just have to calculate your scores for yourself. Go crazy, and draft as soon as possible before too much of the season is done.


The League:

Andy: Vanderbilt, Illinois, Indiana, Georgetown, Xavier, Cleveland St.

Ben: Duke, Texas, Ohio., Washington, New Mexico, Murray St.

Chris: Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Villanova, VCU

Colin: Virginia Tech, Michigan St., Stanford, Syracuse, BYU, George Mason

Daniel: Baylor, Oregon St., Memphis, Saint Louis, Detroit, Old Dominion

John: North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Kansas St, West Virginia, Creighton

Kevin: St. John’s, St. Joseph’s, St. Bonaventure, St. Mary’s, Santa Clara, Mount St. Mary’s

Mitch: Georgia Tech, Mississippi St., Wisconsin, Arizona, Connecticut, Iona

Reed: Michigan, Minnesota, Purdue, Missouri, Louisville, Dayton

Tate: Kansas, California, Pittsburgh, Gonzaga, San Diego St., Temple

Tommy: Florida State, Ohio State, UCLA, Notre Dame, Harvard, Butler

Tucker: LSU, Florida, Texas A&M, Northwestern, Marquette, UNLV

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy College Basketball

  1. Mitch

    I’m dropping Richmond for Iona.. Cha-Ching!!

  2. Drop NC State, add Murray State

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