Explaining Timmy Tebow

He’s more controversial that Anthony Weiner. He’s more clutch than LeBron in the first quarter. He’s more famous than the Pope.

Tim Tebow is a man of many descriptions. Worse throwing mechanics than Ronnie Brown. Less accurate than your local weather man. More likely to run than Rex Ryan is to make that order Super Sized. (Man I am really firing on all cylinders today).

But to the Broncos–or at least everyone in the Broncos organization not named Fox or Elway–all that matters is that he wins games. If you’re watching a recording of the game, you might as well fast forward to the fourth quarter because you’ll spare yourself two to three terrible overthrows, some mis-read coverages, and just about the worst quarterbacking you’ve ever seen. But when it comes down when it really matters, Timmy Tebow shows up.

Last June, I dove into why I liked Tim Tebow as a draft pick. He’s an unequaled leader, sound enough mechanically, and ultimately is a proven winner. And he’s proven me right on all accounts.

But the one thing that really sets him apart is his lack of turnovers. He may not kill you through the air like Aaron Rodgers, but he throws an interception just 1.01% of the time. That’s good for tops in the league. He makes the other team really earn a victory–he isn’t going to give away possessions like Cam Newton is apt to do all to often.

You can credit him as much as you’d like for the Broncos resurgence. 50 percent. 30 percent. 2 percent. But you must admit this: the team is much more alive with Timmy Tebow at the helm than Kyle Orton.

Willis McGahee summed it all up when he said this: “It’s cool everybody doubts us. Don’t respect us. All we know is, if it’s close at the end, we’re gonna win.” More so than any other sport, willpower can drive a team over the top in football. This is a dangerous team, especially when the get a first-round home game after winning the AFC West.

Week 15 picks follow; home teams in CAPS.

FALCONS (-11.5) over Jaguars
This is a ton of points to swallow, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that Blaine Gabbert may not even be the 4th best rookie QB.

Cowboys (-6.5) over BUCCANEERS
I love my boy Josh Freeman, but the rest of the team is terrible. And although Dallas will really miss DeMarco Murray, Tony Romo will have plenty of time to pick apart the Tampa defense, which has really regressed since Gerald McCoy’s injury.

Dolphins (+0.5) over BILLS
At what point do the Dolphins get some respect? When they play an overrated team on the downswing that no one respects? Oh, they’re not even favored against Buffalo.

Seahawks (+4.5) over BEARS
Seattle always seems to step it up at home during primetime and shrink in any other game, so this doesn’t make much pick in that respect. But I don’t think the Bears can recover from losing Jay Cutler and Matt Forte. That’s too much to lose for a team with so many holes already.

Bengals (-4.5) over RAMS
I still don’t love the Bengals, but if they’re going to make a playoff run, they have to beat the Rams on the road. Put it this way: I’ve never really liked

Packers (-13.5) over CHIEFS
I thought the Raiders had a shot against the Packers. By that, I mean keep it within 11 points. And the Chiefs are no Raiders. My favorite point in the Chiefs’ debacle of a season is yanking Tyler Palko from the middle of the Chicago game, putting in Kyle Orton, Orton breaking his finger after one play, and having to put Palko back in. Because they definitely believed in him the whole time.

Titans (-6.5) over COLTS
Chris Johnson looks like he’s back, Jake Locker looks alright, and the Colts look like the Colts. Wrap this one up.

You can't spell "Playoff Elimination" without Eli Manni--oh wait I'm taking the Giants this week.

Saints (-7.5) over VIKINGS
How is this line not double-digits? We’ve got a rookie quarterback and a banged up running back going up against the second best team in the NFC. Drew Brees knows the #2 seed and a bye are on the line, so this one shouldn’t even be close. Lock this one up–as the Lance in my Pants Lock o’ the Week.

GIANTS (-7.5) over Redskins
I don’t love the Giants, but I’m forced to take them when they play terrible teams like the Redskins. I don’t like Ben Stiller movies, but when Twilight is playing on the other screen, you’ll see me running back to Little Fockers.

TEXANS (-6.5) over Panthers
I desperately wanted to pick the Panthers. But then I remembered they don’t have a defense. I might just play Ben Tate over Cedric Benson in my fantasy semi-finals because there’s a really, really, really good chance he’ll get between 120 and 160 yards on his 8 carries this game. Oh, did I mention the Panthers are terrible defensively?

Lions (-1.5) over RAIDERS
No McFadden, not taking the Raiders.

Browns (+6.5) over CARDINALS
Seneca Wallace can do one thing Colt McCoy could never: not fall below expectations. Seneca Wallace’s expectation is to not lose by 21. Against John Skelton and the Cardinals, I think he can do that.

Patriots (-6.5) over BRONCOS
Tim is not Tom.

EAGLES (-2.5) over Jets
Just like last week, I know I’m almost definitely going to lose this game. They’re struggling to not even stay afloat while the Jets are actually–get this–in a playoff hunt. But I have too much pride. And Tyler Palko threw for more yards than Mark Sanchez in a 37-10 Jets romp last week.

Ravens (-2.5) over CHARGERS
The Chargers are legitimately bad. Their defense is bad, they don’t get push on either line, and Philip Rivers is bad now. And the Ravens are my Super Bowl pick.

STEELERS (+1.5) over Niners
There’s been some (bad) arguments that Andy Dalton should be the Rookie of the Year based on record alone. Wrong. First off, if record is everything, give the award to Randall Cobb, whose Packers are 13-0. And by that logic, Alex Smith is a better QB than Tom Brady. Alex Smith is not better than Joe Flacco. Colin Kaepernick is probably better.

Last Week: 8-8

Season: 103-105

Lance in my Pants Lock o’ the Week: 10-4

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