The Knuckle Cast

I just wrote another article for the Charlotte Observer on Ty Buttrey and Brad Stone–two Charlotte High School pitchers–and their different paths to the MLB Draft, but I felt like there was more to the players’ stories than I couldn’t cover in the 602 word article.

And because of that I decided to make a podcast for the first time, which is fittingly titled The Knuckle Cast. This first episode is my interviews with the two players and will be the first of hopefully many podcasts to come–although I can’t promise regular episodes.

I’ve made a page with an archive of all (one) episodes, which I’ll update each time a post a new podcast.

It will probably be slow to load at first, but please check it out and let me do what I can do to improve The Knuckle Cast.

The Knuckle Cast Episode #1

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